Course #3

Sales Psychology


I analyzed hundreds of academic studies on selling. I compiled the most interesting and practical takeaways into this course.


  • Video 1: About the Course

Main Course

  • Video 2: Which Benefits Should You Emphasize?
  • Video 3: How Should You Frame Your Benefits?
  • Video 4: How Should You Justify Emotional Purchases?
  • Video 5: How Should You Use Emotional Appeals?
  • Video 6: How to Disguise Your Persuasive Intent
  • Video 7: How Should You Frame Numbers?
  • Video 8: How Should You Use Scarcity?
  • Video 9: Summary - DARRP Framework


  • PDF: My DARRP Framework
  • PDF: References (Complete List)


Nick Kolenda


1 hour 32 min

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