Course #2

Pricing Psychology


You can make prices seem cheaper without changing the numerical values. This course summarizes those techniques (and more).


  • Video 1: How Do We Evaluate Prices?

Choosing Your Price

  • Video 2: Which Numbers Should You Choose?
  • Video 3: Should Your Price Be Rounded or Precise?

Displaying Your Price

  • Video 4: What's the Best Visual Size for Your Price?
  • Video 5: Where Should You Position Your Price?
  • Video 6: What Should You Put Next to the Price?
  • Video 7: How to Design Your Pricing Package

Motivating Your Customer

  • Video 8: How to Reduce the Pain of Paying
  • Video 9: How to Structure the Payment
  • Video 10: Which Products Should You Discount?
  • Video 11: Which Type of Promotion Should You Offer?
  • Video 12: How Large Should Discounts Be?
  • Video 13: How to Frame and Display Your Discount


Nick Kolenda


1hour 10 min

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