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School of Mind is my collection of courses on clever applications of psychology.

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Everybody has a brain.

If you understand how the brain works... can influence behavior.

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How It Works

Course #1

Website Behavior


Small tweaks on your website can influence behavior. This course explains how to adjust certain elements (e.g., colors, images, buttons) to optimize performance.


  • Video 1: Welcome

Principles of Website Behavior

  • Video 2: Button Design
  • Video 3: Button Text
  • Video 4: Images
  • Video 5: Banner Sections
  • Video 6: Website Layouts

Case Study - Great Resumes Fast

  • Video 6: Banner Section - Click to Watch
  • Video 7: Home Page
  • Video 8: Sales Funnel
  • Video 9: Pricing Plans
  • Video 10: Checkout


Nick Kolenda


2 hours 11 min

Course #2

Pricing Psychology


You can make prices seem cheaper without changing the numerical values. This course summarizes those techniques (and more).


  • Video 1: How Do We Evaluate Prices?

Choosing Your Price

  • Video 2: Which Numbers Should You Choose?
  • Video 3: Should Your Price Be Rounded or Precise?

Displaying Your Price

  • Video 4: What's the Best Visual Size for Your Price?
  • Video 5: Where Should You Position Your Price?
  • Video 6: What Should You Put Next to the Price?
  • Video 7: How to Design Your Pricing Package

Motivating Your Customer

  • Video 8: How to Reduce the Pain of Paying - Click to Watch
  • Video 9: How to Structure the Payment
  • Video 10: Which Products Should You Discount?
  • Video 11: Which Type of Promotion Should You Offer?
  • Video 12: How Large Should Discounts Be?
  • Video 13: How to Frame and Display Your Discount


Nick Kolenda


1hour 10 min

Course #3

Sales Psychology


I analyzed hundreds of academic studies on selling. I compiled the most interesting and practical takeaways into this course.


  • Video 1: About the Course

Main Course

  • Video 2: Which Benefits Should You Emphasize?
  • Video 3: How Should You Frame Your Benefits?
  • Video 4: How Should You Justify Emotional Purchases?
  • Video 5: How Should You Use Emotional Appeals?
  • Video 6: How to Disguise Your Persuasive Intent
  • Video 7: How Should You Frame Numbers?
  • Video 8: How Should You Use Scarcity?
  • Video 9: Summary - DARRP Framework


  • PDF: My DARRP Framework
  • PDF: References (Complete List)


Nick Kolenda


1 hour 32 min

Course #4

Viral Marketing


I break down the research on social networks and diffusion to illustrate why some messages go viral (and how to get more people to share your message).


  • Video 1: Welcome
  • Video 2: What We'll Cover

Why People Share Messages

  • Video 3: Emotional Factors
  • Video 4: Social Factors

How to Create Shareable Messages

  • Video 5: Emotional Content
  • Video 6: Social Implications
  • Video 7: Polarizing Topics
  • Video 8: Relatable Humor
  • Video 9: Topical Content

Seeding Strategies

  • Video 10: Overview of Seeding
  • Video 11: Micronetworks
  • Video 12: Maven Groups
  • Video 13: Macronetworks
  • Video 14: Step-By-Step Process


  • Video 15: Future Directions
  • PDF: Micronetworks vs. Macronetworks


Nick Kolenda


1 hour 40 min

Course #5

Content Marketing


Earlier in my career, I worked as a digital marketer. I spewed all of my knowledge into this massive 8-hour course. I used this same formula to build my website and blog to 40k+ email subscribers.


  • Video 1: About the Course - Click to Watch
  • Video 2: Introduction to Course
  • Video 3: How I Grew My Blog to 5k Subscribers
  • Video 4: How to Promote via Content Aggregators
  • Video 5: How to Promote via Influencer Outreach

Creating Your Content

  • Video 6: The Goal of Your Content
  • Video 7: How to Choose Topics
  • Video 8: Keyword Research Process
  • Video 9: Heuristics of Epic Content
  • Video 10: How to Incorporate Academic Research
  • Video 11: How to Generate Your Own Data
  • Video 12: How to Create Effective Imagery
  • Video 13: Variability of Long Form Content
  • Video 14: Types of Viral Articles
  • Video 15: Where to Publish Your Content

Optimizing Your Content

  • Video 16: The Future of SEO
  • Video 17: Technical SEO
  • Video 18: Onpage Optimization
  • Video 19: How to Create Content Upgrades
  • Video 20: How to Deliver Content Upgrades
  • Video 21: How to Integrate New Subscribers
  • Video 22: How to Set Up Google Analytics
  • Video 23: Tour of Google Analytics
  • Video 24: How to Measure Content Performance
  • Video 25: Publishing Checklist

Promoting Your Content

  • Video 26: How to Compile Influencers
  • Video 27: Get Influencers to Share Your Content
  • Video 28: How to Contact Influencers
  • Video 29: Overview of Link Building
  • Video 30: How to Boost Your Organic Ranking


  • PDF: Top 50 Resources for Content Marketers
  • PDF: Formulas for Headlines
  • PDF: Helpful Articles
  • PDF: Examples of Epic Content
  • PDF: Tutorial - Influencer Outreach
  • PDF: Tutorial - Academic Research
  • PDF: Tutorial - Keyword Research
  • PDF: Keyword Research Spreadsheet
  • PDF: Influencer Database


Nick Kolenda


8 hours 3 min

I strive for quality videos.

But don't take my word for it...

To recap, you get...

  • 14+ hours of my best psych insights
  • 5 courses (with more on the way)
  • Certificates of completion for all courses
  • Immediate access to new content
  • Quality time with yours truly :)

Other FAQs

How often do you add new content?

I try to add 1-2 videos every month.

How does this content compare to your free content?

School of Mind is focused on practical applications. Most of the information isn't available in my books, guides, or YouTube videos. If anything, I keep the best stuff in School of Mind. If everybody knew about these techniques, then they'd be less effective.

What topics will you cover in the future?

I'll be adding material to existing courses (e.g., pricing, selling), and I'll be creating new courses (e.g., negotiation, product design).

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